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    Regeneration:  is the act of God whereby He cleanses
        the gospel believer,  renews the immaterial part of
        his human nature,  and imparts to him spiritual life
    Adoption:  is the two-fold action of God whereby He
        now gives the gospel believer the position of
        adult-son in His family and will in the future,
        with the redemption of his body, make his
        human nature suitable for this position.  We
        enter by the new birth and not by means of adoption.
    Justification:  is the judicial act of God whereby He
        acquits the gospel believer of the divine verdict of
        condemnation and declares him to be righteous.
    Redemption:  is the act of God whereby,  on the
        basis of ransom payment,  He releases the gospel
        believer from bondage to his spiritual masters and
        from the penalty of his sins and brings him into
        bondage to Christ, his benefactor.
    Reconciliation:  (KJV word "atonement")  is the act of
        God whereby He does away with the hostility
        between the gospel believer and Himself and
        establishes peace with God.
    Contiguity:  is the divine act whereby the gospel
        believer is brought near to God in Christ.
    Sanctification:  As an action it is the activity of God
        whereby He sets His people apart unto Himself for
        His manifestation and use. As a state it is the
        condition of being set apart that results from this
        divine action.
    Propitiation:  is an action of God whereby,  through
        the sinless sacrifice of Christ,  the righteous
        demands of God the Father were satisfied.
    Election:  is the sovereign act of God whereby He
        freely chose certain human beings to be saved.
    Preterition:  is God passing by those whom He
        did not choose to save.

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